Wolf Creek 76 Service Station
Interstate 5 Exit #76, Wolf Creek, Oregon

Wolf Creek Union 76 at the Wolf Creek Grill, Deli and Fuel truck and <I></I> travel stop, Pacific Pride, and Grill and Deli
Union 	76
The Union 76 Gas 	Card
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Road Conditions
Pass Cameras
for Southern Oregon, courtesy of Medford Fuel
Top Tier 76 Fuels with PROclean, now in Wolf Creek!
Medford Fuel
Wolf Creek
Grill, Deli & Fuel
supplied by
Bill Terpening /
Medford Fuel

Get 24 Hour Commercial Fueling access in Wolf Creek! Click here for details...
Pacific Pride

Wolf Creek Oregon Interstate 5 Exit 76 between Grants Pass and Seven Feathers / Rice Hill Pilot Truck Stop

  • Fantastic Food!
  • The Best I-5 Freeway Access!
  • Very easy on and off ramps!
  • No traffic lights, no stop signs, no traffic lines, no traffic jams, no getting lost!
  • Great running start from truck stop to summit (Zero stop signs!)
  • 45 Minutes north of Medford!
  • 20 minutes south of Canyonville!

Our 76 Gasoline Service Station includes a Diesel Island for big Trucks! New MPD pumps. Convenience Store and Deli. Competitive Prices! Fantastic Food at the Wolf Creek Grill and Deli!

Wolf Creek Grill and Deli Restaurant      Wolf Creek 76      Pacific Pride Wolf Creek

Wolf Creek Grill, Deli and Fuel
truck stop and travel center
I-5 Wolf Creek Exit 76

221 Old Highway 99
Wolf Creek, Oregon 97497
(541) 866-2711

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