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Shady Cove PrideNet Fueling
Deli Mini Mart Union '76
21882 Hwy 62, Shady Cove, Oregon 97539
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Shady Cove PrideNet features quality 76 Fuels!
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Shady Cove 76
Shady Cove PrideNet is located at the
Upper Rogue 76 Mini Mart.

Medford Fuel
Shady Cove PrideNet
operated by
Bill Terpening / Medford Fuel

PrideNet Shady Cove
B20 Biodiesel available now in the Rogue Valley With a Pacific Pride Commercial Fueling account from Bill Terpening, you have 24 hour cardlock access to Diesel, Unleaded, and Unleaded Premium, as well as Air, Water, and Oil, plus the convenience of over 1300 Pacific Pride locations Nationwide! A public telephone and the Upper Rogue 76 Market/Deli are located on the premises. Lodging is available a block away. Truck access is good.

map of   
	Shady Cove

(Northbound and Southbound):
Site is on east side of Highway 62, behind the Upper Rogue 76 in the center of town, next to Crater Lake Cellars near the Rogue River bridge.

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The Shady Cove PrideNet Features Quality 76 Fuels
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